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    Our Treatments

    At Termite and Pest Control Brownsville we use advanced solutions to get rid of your problem no matter how big or small. We can eliminate any pests from any corner of your home or business. Depending on our availability, we offer same day inspections and services.

    Commercial and Residential Services
    Rodent Control
    We have the best mice control in the RGV. We can approach your problem based on your needs.
    These pests are a big problem in the Valley for they multiply very fast. We can tackle your problem before it it’s too late.
    Rodent Exclusion
    It is important to make sure rodents don’t come back after we do a service. To ensure this, we cover every hole and entry around your property.
    Flying Pests
    It is rare to have bird problems, but at Pest Control Brownsville we have seen it all. Ask us about our bird exclusion and preventative services.
    Flying Ants
    These ants are sometimes mistaken for termites. If you see them flying around your home, it means you have a colony of ants near.
    Wasps can make a walk outside your home difficult, not only can they sting one of your family members but they can be lethal if you are allergic.
    These flying pests should only be removed by a professionals like us. Otherwise you risk getting stung.
    Crawling Pests
    Whether German or American roaches, we can tackle the problem right away. Our Services are guaranteed you won’t have roaches again
    One of the most common pests are ants, they can easily enter your home and multiply quickly.
    Commonly found in garages, crawl spaces and basements spiders can also multiply quickly.
    After identifying the problem, we eliminate both bedbugs and eggs to prevent any further infestation.
    fleas & Ticks
    They can carry harmful diseases and find hosts in animals and even people.